Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogger Girl Crush: Thrill of the Heel

I love when I go to a person's blog and I feel the need to keep clicking "older entries" until I just have to make myself stop... Okay, that sounds kind of stalker-ish but I'm being honest. Haha.. That's exactly how I feel about Thrill of the Heel. I know I'm probably late in the blogger world but I love her style. I love that she isn't afraid of color or trying things. I also love that even though she is a "popular" blogger, she takes time out to show appreciation to those who comment. And that's rare.


  1. Wow she looks fab!! I will definitely have to check her blog out. I do the same thing...i stalk a lot of blogs haha.


  2. Oh she has fabulous style! And I do exactly like you do. But I literally have to get up from the computer and walk away, lol.