Friday, August 26, 2011

Return of the Peach!

Cardigan/tank: Old Navy
Shorts: Thrifted
Earrings: Thrifted
Necklaces: Wal-Mart/JCPenney
Shoes - Converse (TJ Maxx)

Yes, the return of the peach shorts! I had to get up EARLIER than usual this morning to read over some notes and these shorts were just laying there so... I grabbed a tank and my favorite oversized cardigan and boom.

This is a close-up (a bad one) of the earrings. I got these from the thrift store for $3. I also bought a clutch and another pair of earrings ($1) that I loveee. I'm officially addicted to thrift stores.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Braided Up

Shirt - Thrifted (Men's dpt)

Skirt - Forever21+

Cardigan - TJ Maxx
Tank - Wal-Mart
Pants - Thrifted
Earrings - JCPenney, Necklace - Old Navy

First outfit is from Saturday. I'm aware the shirt is wrinkled, those pictures were taken that night. I LOVE that shirt. I snatched it up so quick when I saw it. lol

The second outfit is what I wore to class today... Yes, the fall semester has begun. :/ Anywho, I've been loving everything tribal print lately so I was happy to see this cardigan in TJ Maxx... and my friends all said it "looked" like me. Love it.

I was inspired to get box braids after seeing Solange with them. Loving them so far... but this hair is HEAVY. lol

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flower Patch

I've been slacking on updates but I'll have my laptop back next week.. YESSS! And I only had to pay $190 to get it fixed which is good since I was expecting a $300 bill... So I'll be able to update more, maybe not every day.

I wore that outfit to my friends birthday gathering at Logan's. Everything I have on is thrifted except the earrings, they're from JCPenney. Speaking of thrifting, I haven't done much lately because I've been busy buying furniture/decorations for my apartment. YAY! But I'll be back to it soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping Blues

It's funny how I always want the most stuff when I'm broke.. but when I have money to spare, nothing catches my eye. :/

In other news, finally found some linen pants at the thrift store the other day. Only $4!