Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Comfy Is In!

Everything is thrifted except the necklaces and belt. I LOVE that blazer! That's a skirt I'm wearing as a dress. I wanted to wear it as a skirt but I liked the fit better this way. I wore this to our "blackout" game Saturday. I was definitely going for comfortable so I chose to wear my oxfords versus heels. Sue me!

I'm not one of those people who think certain colors should only be worn during certain seasons so I can't wait to wear this skirt in the fall with tights and boots. Idc how "summery" or "springy" it looks.

Tunic/Shirt/Earrings: JCPenney
Jeans: F21

Wore this outfit today with yellow flats. I wanted to wear my brown loafers but I couldn't find one of them. Lol! Don't judge me.... I was going to crop that last picture but I wanted y'all to see my favorite chair in the world which just so happens to match my clutch! :) This chair is probably the most "girly" thing I own... (my couch is gray with teal/red pillows. I'll post pics one day).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Barney Taught Me..

Vest: NY & Company
Dress: Old Navy
Oxfords: Journeys

Yes, Barney taught me purple was royally beautiful. Ha... I know I've been slacking on blogging but so much has been happening. I'm convinced things will get better, prayer always works.

In my absence, the beautiful Cherrie gave me the Liebster award. I had an "aww" moment because I looooovve her blog. She quickly became one of my favorites. Please drop by her blog.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Splash of Girly

Tunic: JCPenney
Dress worn as shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Clutch: Thrifted

I just realized that I'll never be a "girly-girl" which is why I decided to pair that dress with a hard color (and jeans)? I guess that's the way to say it. This week has been a tough week, I haven't had much mental energy. I've mostly been wanting to be alone. Something good did happen this week though, the temperature dropped! It's been feeling like fall all week. Definitely needed that considering the MS heat is the worst.

Have a good weekend, mine will be spent studying for 2 tests. :/

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Blazer/Clutch/Earrings: Thrifted
Tank/Elephant Necklace: Old Navy
Shorts: Wal-Mart (jeans that I cut)
(wore clogs from Payless)

Me and a friend of mine went out for drinks last night so I tried to keep it simple but cute. I'm addicted to blazers, I really think they add that extra "umph" which is why I've become a collector. It really is a problem now because I looked in my closet the other day and spotted a black one that I forgot I even had. lol..

But forget the blazer, it's the clutch that I'm in love with. When I saw it in the thrift store, I knew I wasn't going to leave it in there. I just wondered who would even give it up?! Absolutely my favorite thrifted thing!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Inspiration: Polka Dots

It seems that this week, a few of my favorite bloggers (or blogs I love to stalk) have been loving the polka dots! I've been wanting to add a few polka dot items to my closet since I saw that cute polka dot top at F21 but I haven't yet. I love all of their looks... Definitely some inspiration for whenever I grab a few items.