Sunday, September 4, 2011


Blazer/Clutch/Earrings: Thrifted
Tank/Elephant Necklace: Old Navy
Shorts: Wal-Mart (jeans that I cut)
(wore clogs from Payless)

Me and a friend of mine went out for drinks last night so I tried to keep it simple but cute. I'm addicted to blazers, I really think they add that extra "umph" which is why I've become a collector. It really is a problem now because I looked in my closet the other day and spotted a black one that I forgot I even had. lol..

But forget the blazer, it's the clutch that I'm in love with. When I saw it in the thrift store, I knew I wasn't going to leave it in there. I just wondered who would even give it up?! Absolutely my favorite thrifted thing!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Girl I love that clutch!! Such a great find. And your hair looks fab. Im a blazer fiend as well!! Love blazers!!


  2. That clutch was thrifted?! Wow...great find! Looks nice with the solid-colored blazer and top. I have an obsession with clutches and finally decided to design my own. Check them out at and stop by my blog some time at!

  3. Love this look, perfect for drinks out. That clutch is amazing, lucky find.

    Liz Lizo