Saturday, June 18, 2011

New thrift Queen in town.. (8)

I went thrifting today... Not my first time but today was exciting for me. I've fallen in love with fashion so lately I haven't been into buying things just because they're pretty to me. I've been on the search for certain pieces.... like blazers. Lort, I've been searching for the perfect blazers for about a year or two now. Today I went to the Salvation Army and Palmer's Home thrift stores. I bought 2 blazers at both stores, yellow & a blue printed one at SA and a pink and blue one from PH. I also bought 2 dresses from the SA and my total was less than $20.. The two blazers from Palmer's Home were both $2... I was amazed considering the blazers I've seen/wanted online have all been over $50, some even $200+. I also bought a new Maxi dress today from Treasure Mart and it was only $7... Yes, I am excited!

I was doing good up until I went to Old Navy... Didn't buy any clothes but I bought 2 necklaces and a bracelet... all 3 cost more than my thrift finds. blah.

Anyway, my outlook on shopping has completely changed... I will be thrifting a lot!

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  1. This story sounds just like me! I've found that thrifting can save sooo much money! I love it! I once went to SA and bought 7 things...I went to Forever 21 after and bought 3 things and I ended up spending more there lol.

    -Cherrie <3