Monday, February 20, 2012

Tribute to Blue Ivy?

Blazer - Thrifted
Tank/Jeans/Necklace/Hat - Old Navy
Purse - TJ Maxx

That picture is horrible. lol.. Just wanted to show off one of my favorite blazers. I bought/posted it a while ago but last week was my first time wearing it. I love that color.

Below are pictures of my new favorite things.. including birthday gifts. My birthday was this past Thursday.

1. These earrings are everrrything. My friends know me well.
2. I'm in love with the Sam Edelman spiked loafers. Unfortunately, I can never find my size.. teambigfoot. SMH.. So I had to settle for the ShoeDazzle version which aren't too shabby. Dangerous shoe though. lol
3. My first pair of spring flats. They're Liz Claiborne, found them at TJ Maxx for $30. I'm cheap, love a deal!
4. Needed brown loafers.. Ordered these back in January from Amazon. They were like $50, I think. I wear them often.
5. Found that black bag at TJ Maxx. It's my favorite bag at the moment. It ain't Chanel but it shall do. :)
6. Brown bag is a gift from my mommy... From Target. I love Target's bags.
7. Clutch gifted by Zack from a local boutique. Again, my friends know me!
8. Yes, I'm now teamiPhone... And no I'm not one of those "oh I have an iPhone now, I'm better than everybody" folks. Smh.

And now I have to rush off to Zumba class. Hope you all had a good day! :)


  1. I loveeee the color of this blazer I tried my best to thrift one but never could find this color so I had to break down and order one off eloquii :( I am now teamiphone too I got one on Valentine's it's sooo cool!

  2. Girl that blazer is the!!! I am looking for one in that color. Love the ShoeDazzle loafers...HOT!

    Whoop, whoop for Zumba :-)

  3. Gorgeous, you look stunning in blue! <3


  4. LOVE this blazer! I'm in love with all things Cobalt blue!!!

    Thrifting is the BEST!

    E. Louise

  5. great shoes