Friday, December 2, 2011

Budget Shopper: ShoeDazzle

I know better than anyone how quickly money problems can roll around and you can't have that heel you've been eyeing for months.. *sigh* Well, ShoeDazzle could probably help in that department. I've been a member of ShoeDazzle for a while now but I've only ordered from the site once.. and I was content with my purchase. Still in love with that shoe! Anyway, this month's showroom is definitely my favorite so far. I was shocked that I liked almost all of the shoes. I think that's because they resemble a lot of the shoes I've had my eyes on.. *cough* Steve Madden *cough* Just thought I'd share a few with you all. I would love to have all of these but the red and the bottom black are my faves!


  1. Oh these options are hot! I like the 1st shoe the best...but the rest can come home with me too ;-)

  2. I LOVEEEEE all of them!!!